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Dental Implants Replicate Your Natural Tooth Roots Providing a Stable Base for Artificial Teeth

Dental Implants Replicate Your Natural Tooth Roots Providing a Stable Base for Artificial Teeth
September 1, 2021

When you lose one or several teeth, the tooth structure falls off with the tooth root leaving you with gaps in your smile. When you consider closing the gaps with artificial teeth, you generally look for solutions like partial or complete dentures and dental bridges capable of closing the gaps but incapable of giving you artificial tooth roots. However, if you choose dental implants in Concord, you enable your body to have artificial tooth roots with biocompatible dental implants integrating with your body after they are surgically embedded by the Concord dentist.

You do not realize how valuable dental implants are until you discuss the possibility of having them from dental implants near me. However, you achieve clarity of mind with your discussion when the dentist explains how dental implants don’t just give you artificial teeth to close the gap in your mouth. Instead, implants are the only tooth replacement solution helping you redevelop artificial tooth roots providing a stable base to the implant to hold your artificial teeth.

The term surgically embedding of dental implants shouldn’t scare you because dentists complete the procedure in one visit, ensuring you experience no pain or anxiety during the surgery. You do experience pain after any surgical procedure, and dental implant placement is not an exception. However, you can request the dentist near me for prescriptions or recommendations for pain relievers that they happily provide as you undergo an intensive procedure.

If Dental Implants Provide Comprehensive Replacement Solutions Aren’t They Expensive?

When compared with replacements like dentures or dental bridges, dental implants are significantly more expensive. However, the eventual costs depend on how many teeth you want to have replaced, whether you need any other dental treatment besides getting the implants, the experience of the dentist, and the type of anesthesia you need.

If you must have one front tooth replaced, dentists perform the implantation using local anesthesia in one visit. However, if you must have multiple teeth replaced and are anxious about the dental procedure, you will require total anesthesia to manage dental anxiety and pain. If you request general anesthesia or sedation, the costs will likely increase.

Dental implants are embedded surgically deep into your jawbone. Unfortunately, if you don’t have sufficient jawbone where the edentulous tooth existed, you must have a bone graft and surgery before dental implant placement. Bone grafting surgery requires general anesthesia and time for healing after the procedure. All the above can contribute significantly to the costs of dental implants. Therefore if you want to have a comprehensive solution to replace missing teeth for a lifetime, you must prepare yourself to make an investment that will provide sufficient returns over time.

How Will Your Artificial Teeth Appear and Feel?

Porcelain or ceramic helps make realistic-looking artificial teeth fit over your dental implant. The teeth appear, feel, and function like your natural teeth allowing you to eat the foods you love, speak and prevent bone resorption because they are held by artificial tooth roots embedded in your jawbone by Concord dental office.

After dental implant placement, the titanium post surgically inserted into your jawbone integrates with your body to begin functioning as your artificial tooth root. The healing requires approximately six to nine months, after which you must undergo another surgery for abutment placement over the implant. Your synthetic porcelain or ceramic tooth is attached to the abutment a couple of weeks after the second surgery. During your final appointment, the dentist and the dental office compares your artificial tooth with your natural teeth examining whether its color and size are appropriate for you. All things being well, the dentist screws your artificial tooth over the implant, giving you the replacement you wanted for your lifetime.

Caring for Your Replacement Teeth

Getting your replacement teeth with dental implants ends one journey of closing gaps between your teeth but starts another where caring for the replacements is incredibly essential to ensure your implants don’t fail to require further reserves. You don’t have to adopt challenging practices to care for your implants or artificial teeth.

You can follow an excellent oral hygiene routine by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once, and getting six-monthly exams and cleanings from your dentist. Remember the cleanings are essential because you cannot allow plaque buildup to remain on your teeth for lengthy periods to cause gum disease. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of dental implant failure, and the investment you make in your replacement teeth will likely go down the drain if you’re not careful with your oral hygiene regimen. However, if you care for the dental implants appropriately, rest assured you have artificial teeth remaining with you for your lifetime.

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