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Fight Back Against Gum Disease: Tips for Reversing the Damage

Fight Back Against Gum Disease: Tips for Reversing the Damage
May 1, 2023

Over 64 million Americans have some form of gum disease representing 50 percent of adults. Gum disease is a common problem affecting the gums and tooth structures. Bacteria spreading through the structures can cause significant problems like tooth loss.

There are different stages and types of gum disease. However, all are harmful to your oral health and need proper treatment for a severe problem affecting your oral health. Fortunately, trained professionals like the dentist in Concord, CA, have information on reversing gum disease and even provide treatments if the condition has advanced considerably. Therefore if you notice bleeding gums when brushing and flossing or painful eating, you must contact the Concord dentist for assistance to overcome gum disease before it overcomes you.

How to reverse Gum Disease?

Apparently, the optimal way to reverse gum disease is to ensure you never develop the problem because there are many measures you can adopt daily to protect your teeth and mouth. Firstly you must brush twice daily for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste. In addition, you must also floss your teeth at least once. These practices help remove debris and bacteria from your mouth to keep it clean and prevent damage from extended exposure.

Brushing and flossing are insufficient to prevent gum disease because it also requires professional cleanings from the Concord dentist at half-yearly intervals. The dental appointments provide an insight into the overall health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. If potential problems are detected, the dentist can alert you to focus on them.

Understanding the Stages of Gum Disease

Gum disease occurs in stages, with the earliest stage being gingivitis. Early-stage gingivitis causes irritation and inflammation in your gums, besides causing bleeding when brushing and flossing. Gingivitis is entirely preventable by maintaining appropriate dental hygiene and getting six monthly exams and cleanings for dental plaque and hardened tartar removal. However, if you neglect the essential practices or leave the condition untreated, it advances silently to periodontitis, which doesn’t have a cure discovered.

Periodontitis needs frequent management by receiving procedures like scaling and root planing for plaque and tartar removal on your teeth and beneath your gum line. When dental plaque hardens beneath your gum line, the bacteria grow exponentially, forming pockets between your gums and teeth to become an excellent breeding ground. Scaling and root planing require numbing of your mouth because periodontics in Concord, CA, must work in depth in your mouth. With periodontitis, it is crucial to receive scaling and root planing to inhibit the infection before it creates extensive damage.

The Importance of Proper Oral Hygiene in Reversing Gum Disease

Gum disease is entirely preventable by maintaining proper oral hygiene and is even reversible if detected in the early stages when you notice inflamed or irritated gums or bleeding when brushing and flossing. However, when you notice these symptoms, you must visit the Concord dentist for advice, asking what is causing the problem and how to gain control over it.

The Concord dentist cleans your teeth during your visit and suggests using an antibacterial mouthwash daily, besides implying that you do not avoid regular dental checkups to ensure dental plaque does not harden on your teeth or expand below the gum line. Excellent oral hygiene, including six monthly dental visits, are essential to prevent gum disease from affecting you or even reversing the early stages of the problem before it becomes a lifelong companion.

When to Seek Professional Treatment for Gum Disease?

You must seek professional dental exams and cleanings twice yearly, regardless of whether you have irritated and inflamed gums or not. The fundamental of this practice is to ensure you prevent gum disease from impacting your mouth by ensuring your overall health is not compromised.

If you notice the symptoms of gum disease as described in this article or even feel your gums are appearing reddish, it helps if you contact a dental professional for help immediately because an examination is the optimal way to determine whether dental plaque has hardened beneath your gum line to irritate the gums. In addition, the sooner you seek treatment for gum disease, the better for you to prevent unwanted friends from enjoying themselves in your mouth to make you a victim of a severe condition that will require frequent dental appointments and procedures like periodontal therapy for receding gums, gum grafting, bone grafting, et cetera.

Leaving gum disease untreated is a gross injustice because the preventable condition is comfortably stopped in its tracks when you maintain appropriate dental hygiene and schedule regular visits to your dentist for oral prophylaxis.

If you think you have symptoms of gum disease, Concord Dental & Orthodontics can provide treatment to help reverse the condition if you visit them as soon as possible. They can also help manage the infection by offering suitable remedies if the disease has advanced. Therefore arrange a meeting with them at the earliest, seeking a treatment ideal for your needs.

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