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The Strawberries Question: Do They Really Make Your Teeth White?

The Strawberries Question: Do They Really Make Your Teeth White?
January 1, 2023

Whitening your teeth requires proper oral care and appropriate whitening products. If you are looking for teeth whitening remedies, one of the popular methods spoken about is using a paste of strawberries with baking soda for the whitening. However, should you consider trying it?

In reality, you might harm your teeth more than do any good when using strawberries to whiten them. However, you can find numerous other affordable solutions to achieve your goal of having a dazzling smile without hurting your tooth enamel.

This article examines why many people think strawberries can whiten teeth, reasons for avoiding them, and preferred methods to whiten your teeth. Kindly read more details.

Why are strawberries a popular choice for teeth whitening?

Strawberries are delicious and a popular choice of fruit for many people. Unfortunately, many people believe eating strawberries help whiten their teeth without realizing the fruits only provide results if the strawberries are crushed and mixed with baking soda to allow the malic acid of the berry to function as a natural remedy. Therefore although being a popular choice for teeth whitening, there are better remedies than strawberries for teeth whitening.

The Science behind Strawberries and Teeth Whitening

To date, no evidence is provided by dentists nor the American Dental Association of strawberries being effective in whitening teeth. Instead, sufficient information provides evidence that ripened strawberries are full of citric acid that might temporarily make teeth appear whiter. However citric acid accelerates demineralization causing enamel erosion. It means the acid breaks down tooth enamel to negate the benefits of whitening. Therefore if you wonder do strawberries make your teeth white, you must reconsider because they might cause more harm than good.

Science states that strawberries undoubtedly contain malic acid also present in apples. However, they don’t have any agents that help lift stains to whiten your teeth. Scrubbing strawberries on your teeth might temporarily create illusions of whiter teeth because strawberries clean plaque, leaving them gleaming. Unfortunately, it is a superficial effect on your teeth returning to their normal appearance after using strawberries.

Are Strawberries with Baking Soda Effective for Whitening Teeth?

If you want to try home remedies to whiten teeth, consider using strawberries and baking soda to make a paste to brush your teeth. Unfortunately, the toothpaste isn’t beneficial and will not work as desired.

Baking soda helps remove dental plaque and also has natural whitening properties. Unfortunately, mixing baking soda with mashed strawberries will create a paste leaving sugar on your teeth to negate the benefits of baking soda. In reality, studies reveal conventional whitening methods are more effective than using strawberries and baking soda to whiten teeth. Therefore we can confirm the science behind strawberries and teeth whitening isn’t promising and is better avoided to prevent dental damage.

Authenticated Remedies to Whiten Teeth

If you want authentic remedies to whiten teeth at home, you can consider numerous over-the-counter remedies without any risks to succeed in your goal. For example, you can purchase over-the-counter whitening toothpaste containing baking soda for at-home use two or three times per week to leave you with brighter teeth. Alternatively, you can use over-the-counter whitening strips, mouthwashes, gels, et cetera without risking damage to your teeth or inviting enamel erosion to become prone to cavities. However, it helps if you request a recommendation from the Concord dental office on the best technique to whiten teeth at home to have the brighter smile you desire.

Home remedies to whiten teeth often require more time and will not deliver instant results. However, if you want to remove stains on your teeth, you find it beneficial to request teeth whitening in Concord, CA, where the dentist provides in-office whitening treatments under supervision to change the color of your teeth by 3 to 8 shades. The treatments are expensive but will not cause any issues with your teeth, leaving you with a brighter smile within 90 minutes.

In addition, you can also request the dentist to provide at-home teeth whitening trays that they custom create explicitly for your mouth and offer them whitening gel to help you maintain the results of in-office whitening treatments.

If you intend to whiten discolored teeth, you find it beneficial to use authentic remedies suggested by dentists instead of teeth-whitening techniques not supported by science. For example, science confirms that strawberries can weaken teeth if used for whitening. Therefore, consider strawberries a delicious fruit to satisfy your gluttonous desire but not whiten teeth.

Concord Dental & Orthodontics provides safe and effective teeth whitening treatments within the hour to change the color of your teeth effectively. If you desire whitening treatments, consult this practice after having a few strawberries to ease dental anxiety but receive the whitening treatment from them because they can provide an accurate answer to the strawberries question.

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